New Year, New Horizons… Modular Construction is Flexed for Success
It’s called Flex Space: adaptable real estate solutions for the home and workplace, addressing rapidly evolving changes in demand and product standards. No longer is it enough just to build a twelve...
Read More January 13, 2021
Housing Markets are Broken…We can fix them with Modular Technologies
“Our Broken Housing Market is one of the greatest barriers to progress”: that’s not Jeremy Corby or Bernie Sanders, or even some green haired social agitator…that’s the Conservative MP for Maidenhead, ...
Read More December 17, 2020
A disruptive innovator...Modular construction has become housing's future
“The arrogance of success is assuming what you did yesterday is enough for tomorrow”: William Pollard wrote that 100 years before Disruptive Innovation theory was formulated in 1955’s Harvard Business...
Read More November 4, 2020
Closing the loop...It's all about time and modular construction is part of the process
You wouldn’t buy a new book, take it home and throw it straight on the fire: well you might if it was “The Art of The Deal”, but let’s agree to make this is a Trump free zone for a moment. And it...
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Dinosaur developers have had their day...It's time to reach for the moon
Don’t let them fool you…Kennedy never wanted just to land a man on the Moon and bring him safely back home: his real challenge to Congress, his real purpose, was to land a man on the Moon before the...
Read More September 16, 2020
Joining the dots for the future...A walk around Indian Real Estate Markets
History doesn’t move in straight lines, we’re much too unpredictable for that: so nobody should be surprised that in the same month as a group of glum bean counters at the Office for National Statistics
Read More September 9, 2020