Building in Sustainability…Modular Construction has long-term answers for the Planet
What can you do with a broken brick, clotted with mortar and torn from the heart of a demolished building? Well, you could get more bricks, lay them in a line and offer them to the Tate Gallery as an...
Read More September 27, 2021
There’s Nothing New under the Sun…Modular Construction meets the Needs of Public Infrastructure
In the Nineteenth Century our forebears used a wood based search engine, called a Catalogue: and, in the days before Amazon, it was surprising what you could get. Farmers in New Zealand (and anywhere...
Read More February 3, 2021
A Disruptive Innovator…Modular Construction has become Housing’s Future
“The arrogance of success is assuming what you did yesterday is enough for tomorrow”: William Pollard wrote that 100 years before Disruptive Innovation theory was formulated in 1955’s Harvard Business...
Read More November 4, 2020